About Us

Green Mode Designs focuses on modern, design, build and construction of high performance homes and spaces in Houston, Texas.  Our homes and offices feature contemporary designs and open concept living areas for growing families and homeowners that desire spacious living environments.  Our interiors incorporate energy saving features and environmentally conscious materials that are good for your health and well being. Learn more about our typical design features. We also provide design consulting services for your project for energy and materials conservation, environmental sustainability and energy code compliance (for REScheck, COMCheck or IC3 energy rating software.)


The Green Mode Designs team brings has been designing and building homes in Houston from the ground up since 2007.   We understand when you choose your home, you are choosing an extension of yourself and your values.  With that in mind, we only focus on developing properties located in established Houston neighborhoods, partner with a team of contractors and tradesmen that have a solid reputation to back up what they build and work side by side with them to ensure details in craftsmanship throughout the construction of our projects.  Our personal commitment to design/build ensures the final product is built to exceed the demands of our clientele; who value an environmentally conscious, modern lifestyle.

We ensure our projects durability by working hands on with our subcontractors and perform multiple inspections at each step of the build from the foundation to the finish.

The result of our drive to build each great project, is a dwelling  you can call your home for many years into the future.